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Community Partners

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Five Freedoms Photography

Joanne Wetzel is a Pet + Rescue Photographer at her company Five Freedoms Photography. She specializes in heartfelt pet portraiture for crazy obsessed pet parents and loves to help pet parents curate custom artwork of their pet they’ll adore for years to come.


Using those same skills and abilities, Joanne lends her photography services to rescues in need across North Carolina to help more animals, especially harder-to-adopt, be seen, valued, and loved among the millions of animals available for adoption. It is her goal through rescue photography to reduce animal overpopulation, euthanasia, and homelessness in our state.


With more than 300 pups and three years under her belt, Joanne has photographed and worked with many pups who are high-energy, shy, deaf, blind, elderly, or deal with other physical limitations. In other words, she’d love the honor to photograph your unique pet, too! 


Joanne is also a member of the International Pet Photographers Club, a HeartsSpeak Artist, and a WakeGov Pets volunteer. 

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