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Mosa - Our Story - Family Owned Business in Cary, NC


What if we can break the need for impersonal grooming by simply remembering that our pets thrive in supportive environments designed to help them feel safe and cared for? 

Our foundation is built upon this principle: Personalized one-on-one care for animals and their families struggling to find exceptional services.

We are a family-run and operated business and as you may already know, we love animals! We are cultivating a more compassionate world through our work at Mosa.

Mosa was founded in 2008 but the journey started long before then. Aspirations and strong beliefs in providing a one on one care to our furry loved ones helped bring this dream into reality and we are grateful for the growth we've experienced since the day we first opened our doors. We pride ourselves in making sure that not only do we maintain the highest standard of care and grooming for our pets but also to make sure to keep up with continued education and certifications in this ever-evolving field of pet care and grooming. Our holistic approach is set to ensure our loved ones get the most out of their grooming and keep the healthiest of coats we can. They are our #1 priority here at Mosa!

Our appreciation for animals and their well-being is the foundation of our business. We invite you to join us on this journey and we look forward to serving you and your furry friends in the near future. We thank you for your consideration in helping us help your loved ones look and feel their best in our care!



MOSA Pet Spa & Resort in Cary NC owner Amanda


My experience with animals stems further back as I grew up on a 4H farm where I trained horses for our riding program meant for people with disabilities. Since then I've worked in animal shelters, with veterinary doctors and even went on to graduate from Nash Academy of Animal Arts. My love for this craft has lead me to receive numerous certifications and training to enhance my knowledge and stay up to date with best practices.

MOSA Pet Spa & Resort in Cary NC owner Ernesto


Hello everyone, my name is Ernesto! I am Co-Owner here at Mosa. I am also the husband to master groomer Amanda. When we first started dating back in 2003 I could see the passion that she had for animals and since I was honestly new to the pet scene not ever owning one of my own, she showed me what a joy they truly are. After seeing her take on many roles throughout her career in caring for pets and their needs I surprised her by starting up the business for her because I knew she just needed that little push. I think this is one time that she would admit to me being SO right! She has excelled in this journey and I am so proud of all her accomplishments along the way. My background is more on the technical side of things so the work I do at Mosa is more “Behind the scenes”. You may see me pop out from time to time though and if you do please say hello! I love meeting and putting a face to the pets we care for as I usually recognize your babies before I do the parents LOL. 



CAITLIN, Groomer

Hello, I'm Cait! I graduated from A+ Pet Grooming Academy in 2013. Since then I have been continuing my education and most recently acquired my Canine Esthetician Certificate and I'm currently working towards my Masters Certificate. Outside of work, I enjoy hiking and going kayaking with my two pups!

MOSA Pet Spa & Resort in Cary NC trained staff

SELENA, Groomer

Hi, I'm Selena! I have been grooming for three years, but have been in the pet industry since I was eight years old. I strive to provide each pet with outstanding care while giving quality haircuts. In my free time, I enjoy painting, hiking, and spending time with my dachshund, Calcifer. 

MOSA Pet Spa & Resort in Cary NC trained staff

CAMERON, Caregiver

Hi, I'm Cam! I am a student at NC State University, studying to become a veterinarian. When I'm not playing with your furry babies at MOSA, I enjoy exploring local hiking trails and nature photography! 

image5 (1).jpeg

MELISSA, Receptionist

Hi, I'm Melissa! You might know me as the smiling face at the front door or the nice lady on the phone. When I'm not working the front desk and giving love to all of your fur babies at MOSA, I'm studying hard at NC State University! I am currently in the process of getting my Bachelors degree in Social Work with a minor is Psychology and non-profits. I hope to attend graduate school at NC State as well to work toward getting my LCSW and become a mental health counselor. I want to make an impact on others in any way possible by helping people that are struggling in our community. In my free time I enjoy crocheting, the outdoors and rock climbing!

image6 (1).jpeg

ALYSSA, Receptionist

Hi, I'm Alyssa! I am the receptionist as well as one of MOSA's playtime caregivers. I am currently a student at Wake Tech working toward a degree in Veterinary Medicine. In my free time I like to spend time with my friends or curled up with my bearded dragon watching a movie.


HOWL, Head of Security

Woof, I'm Howl! This is not a judgement free zone, I'm am judging you at all times. You might say that staring is rude, but it's my favorite past time. No shame in the game in my opinion!

KONA, Security Assistant

Woof, I'm Kona! When I'm not busy rounding up my tiny herd of goats, I'm working hard on protecting everyone from danger. My bark might be mighty, but I've got a big heart. 

LEVEE, Alarm System

Woof, I'm Levee! Intruder? I'm going to give a nice bark. A fly? I'm going to give a nice bark. No one and nothing goes unnoticed. Butt scratchies are always welcome though.

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