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Home Away from Home

When we go away on vacation, most pet owners can’t bring their dogs with them. This leaves pet owners looking for a dog boarding facility or a dog kennel that will care for their dogs during vacation. But, many of those dog kennels in Cary are extremely different from a dogs home environment which leaves the dog stressed and scared.

Mosa Pet Resort in Cary is trying to change this! We offer an in-home dog boarding facility that keeps dogs in the most similar environment to their home environment. Because we have seen a few stressed-out dogs, we teach dog owners in Cary a few tips when evaluating where their dog will be boarded while they are on vacation.

4 key items to look for in a boarding facility that we do in our in-home pet boarding facility are:

  1. Choose Based on Trust:  Pets are considered members of the family.   When choosing the host home be sure to check reviews and use a site that performs background checks.  In-home pet boarders typically do not have as many pets at one time and are able to establish a closer relationship with each animal.

  2. Anxiety Levels: As pet owners, our top priority is to ensure that our fur babies are safe and happy while we are away.  While it is great for there to be other pets to play with, too many could be overwhelming. At in-home boarding facilities, the lower capacity is a benefit to ensure more individualized attention and outside play time.

  3. Expertise of the Owner: You want to choose an in-home boarding facility with a business owner who knows a lot about dogs. It’s important that the understand temperaments and how the dogs are interacting together.

  4. Permits: Within Wake County, there are certain permits that in-home boarding must have to be open for operations. Ask the owner if they have the correct permits.

Having the option of in-home boarding is beneficial in all aspects. Pets are much more comfortable, and the dog owners can enjoy their vacation without worrying. If you are planning a vacation as you read this, contact me to learn more about Mosa Pet Resort.





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